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Airedale Foundation

The Airedale Foundation was established in 2017 as a commitment by Airedale Group to corporate social responsibility across environmental, community and apprenticeships.


The Airedale Foundation has worked tirelessly to develop initiatives with Airedale Groups local community through STEM school partnerships, apprenticeship schemes, work placements, maintenance/funding support of public-owned facilities and donation schemes with local charities.


To demonstrate our commitment to sustainability Airedale Group follows the principles outlined in the United Nations Global Compact for Sustainable Development:

  • We understand our environmental responsibilities as a chemical group and continue to implement ‘think green’ initiatives into our business including Ad Blue compatible transport fleet reducing carbon footprint impact.
  • On-site effluent treatment plant ensures all wastewater meets local water company consent limits for sewerage works.
  • To further reduce the Carbon Footprint to procure materials & services locally where possible or available.
  • Zero to landfill scheme implemented in 2015 has resulted in all waste now being recycled as opposed to being sent to landfill. A Waste Management Policy has also been initiated to ensure the new waste procedures are understood by all employees.
  • Waste reduction scheme – A project implemented to reduce all general waste disposed of on-site segregating and distributing recyclable material including cardboard, shrink wrap, polythene, milk bottles, plastic cartons and drinks tins to a dedicated recycling partner.
  • In 2020 our site when solar-powered alongside the installation of a new borehole to reduce the level of services water usage on site.

Read our CSR Policy

Read our Modern Slavery Statement

Our awards

  • Green Apple Award 2015

    Zero to landfill project

    Silver Award

  • Zero Waste Awards 2016

    Zero to landfill project

    Gold Award

  • MRW Recycling Awards 2016

    Waste reduction scheme


  • Chemical Industry Awards 2019



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