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Working from home

Working from home has become the new norm for many people during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s business as normal here at Airedale, but approximately 20% of our staff are currently doing their jobs from the comfort of their own homes. It’s a new concept for a lot of our staff so we caught up with them to find out how they are getting on.

1. What’s your favourite thing about working from home?

Adam Hollos – Being at home with the family and the dog. Although both can be equally annoying

Emma Plummer – Less commuting and being able to work without being interrupted.

Jason Ridehalgh – Seeing more of the dog! (Don’t tell the Mrs)

Ross Armitage – Being with family.

Ben Wadsworth – Having more time. That is before work and after work with not having to commute and then also during dinner time so can incorporate a walk, or time in the garden if it’s sunny.


2. What’s your least favourite thing about working from home?

Andrew Ramsey – I don’t have very mobile phone signal at home so I have to go in the garden to take a call.

Adam Hollos – Never really leaving the house, other than for a walk once a day.

Chris Myers – Having 2 under 5’s in the same household.

Jason Ridehalgh – Missing out on Friday pie day!

Ross Armitage – Juggling child care, giving young ones attention while working.


3. How do you stay motivated whilst working from home?

Andrew Ramsey – Set a daily routine, set an achievable daily work expectations and finish work on time.

Chris Myers – We’re currently so busy I don’t really find it a problem.

Diane Germaine – Get up early, get ready for work as normal and ensure your work space is always set up.

Emma Plummer – I have a structured day, without interruptions so I am quite motivated.

Ben Wadsworth – I create lists to achieve on a daily basis, and weekly basis. Then when the list is complete at the end of the week, makes for enjoying that beer even more!


4. What do you miss about working in the office?

Adam Hollos – Having my finger on the pulse of the day-to-day business/sales.

Diane Germaine – My colleagues, and having a good natter with them.

Jason Ridehalgh – The printer!

Yusuf Sheikh – Seeing my colleagues.

Ben Wadsworth – The banter, catching up after a weekend of debauchery.


5. How are you staying connected with colleagues whilst working from home?

Andrew Ramsey – Lots of calls – Zoom, Skype, Facetime, regular phone.

Adam Hollos – WhatsApp is great for staying in touch with the team. Also Zoom for the face to face meetings.

Diane Germaine – I have phoned, emailed or texted colleagues asking about their wellbeing and also what they have been up to.

Jason Ridehalgh – WhatsApp group messages and talking throughout the day when needed.

Heather Wells – On a professional level our WhatsApp sales group chat is useful. On a personal level I am making time to chat to a few of my closest colleagues.


6. Do you have any tips for anyone else who is working from home?

Andrew Ramsey – Don’t expect to get through as much as you do at site – Dress appropriately for the home office (shirt and collar, not jimjams) – Don’t forget to take your lunch break.

Adam Hollos – Getting settled somewhere quiet in the house has really helped me, sitting on the couch with the laptop doesn’t quite help in staying motivated.

Chris Myers – Stay away from the fridge.

Emma Plummer – Look after your wellbeing, take rests because it’s easy to continue without a break. If looking after children as well, don’t be stressed out about all the work that needs doing, the same amount of hours may not be able to be achieved as if in the office. Do speak with your manager on a regular basis, communication is really important when working remotely.

Ross Armitage – Go for a run at lunch/after work if you start getting cabin fever.

Ben Wadsworth – Take regular breaks every 30mins to get a drink. Take a solid lunch hour away from emails and work, and put some background radio on as this keeps you “connected” and you don’t feel as isolated.

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