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Pre-treatment cleaners

High-performance metal surface pre-treatment cleaning chemicals for substrates including aluminium and steel.

Metal surface pre-treatment cleaning chemicals

The first stage of metal surface treatment is cleaning — failing to do so risks jeopardising the finished product. Pre-treatment ensures optimal adhesion of the electroplated layer to the substrate, or optimal finish when treating aluminium prior to anodising.

At Alutech, we manufacture and distribute the innovative, market-leading UltraClean range of pre-treatment cleaners for metal finishing processes.

These products remove a range of mineral oils and polishing compounds, preparing the substrate for treatment.

Guaranteeing exceptional performance and unrivalled shelf life, these best-in-class pre-treatment cleaning chemicals are suitable for electro cleaning or heavy duty soak cleaning.

  • UltraClean SC-AL is a long-life, eco-friendly soak cleaner specifically formulated for aluminium and its alloys. It removes oils and polishing compounds without interfering with the substrate — ideal for aluminium prior to the anodising, chemical brightening or etching processes.
  • UltraClean EC60 is a heavy duty, pre-treatment cleaner suitable for both rack and barrel electroplating methods. An exceptional degreaser, this long-life product also works as a pre-galvanising cleaner for high levels of grease and oil.
  • UltraClean SC 10 is a heavy duty, non-etch soak cleaner suitable for most substrates including aluminium, ideal for degreasing and the removal of polishing compounds. It is highly effective across a range of temperatures and concentrations depending on the level of soiling that needs removal.

Explore the UltraClean range of metal surface pre-treatment cleaning chemicals below, or get in touch to discuss your needs.

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