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Colouring Foodstuffs

Colouring foodstuffs are derived from top-quality natural sources. These ingredients allow you to impart colour to your products whilst making a clean label declaration.


We offer a wide range of clean label food colours. These are derived from premium natural, edible sources like fruits, plants, vegetables, flowers, algaes and spices.

The pigments are extracted from the raw material with minimal processing and without the use of chemicals or solvents. This means they are not considered technological additives, and so do not qualify for declaration as a colouring or E number.

Depending on your clean label requirement, these colouring foodstuffs can also be produced in preservative-free variants without compromising on the taste.

To order
5kg bag; 5L drum; 10KG bag; 10L drum; 25KG bag; 25L drum; 200L drum; IBC
Solution; powder; lake; paste


Beverage Ingredients

• Alcoholic drinks
• Carbonated soft drinks
• Dairy drinks
• Fortified beverages
• Juices
• Smoothies
• Sports drinks

Food Additives

• Baked goods: Cakes, cookies, pastries, bread
• Confectionery: Sweets, gummies, chocolate, icing
• Dairy products: Ice cream, yoghurt, cheese, butter
• Meats and seafood: Sausages, canned meat, bacon, cured meat, farm salmon, crab, shrimp
• Sauces: Ketchups, mustard, marinades, salad dressings
• Snacks: Crisps, popcorn, cereal bars


• Pharmaceuticals
• Personal care
• Vitamins, nutritional supplements, children’s medication

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Our Food & Beverage Division has over 25 years’ experience supplying essential, quality ingredients to producers across the UK and Europe. This includes colouring foodstuffs, natural colourants and a range of synthetic colourants.

Please note: We are unable to sell chemicals to members of the public.


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