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Maleic Acid


Maleic acid or cis-butenedioic acid is an organic compound that is a dicarboxylic acid, a molecule with two carboxyl groups.

CAS Number
Cis-butenedioic acid
Chemical Formula


Healthcare Chemicals

• Applied on the skin to treat warts, acne and other skin problems
• To adjust the acidity of cosmetics

Food Additives

• As a flavouring agent in food


• To form acid addition salts with drugs to make them more stable, such as indacaterol maleate
• As an adhesion promoter for different substrates, such as nylon and zinc coated metals e.g galvanized steel, in methyl methacrylate based adhesives
• In making polyesters for fibre-reinforced laminated moldings and paint vehicles, and in the manufacture of fumaric acid and many other chemical products
• As an industrial raw material for the production of glyoxylic acid by ozonolysis
• To treat fibromyalgia

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