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Manganese Nitrate

This inorganic compound has a variety of uses across multiple industries mainly within the agrochemical market as a soil nutrient.


Manganese nitrate is used widely to correct mineral deficiency for crops due to soils with low amounts of manganese.

Plants suck manganese up from the soil solution and transport it from root to shoot through the phloem. Once in place, manganese is not translocated from older leaves to new shoots.

Manganese is also an essential micronutrient for animals, helping reproductive health, bone strength and synthesis of cholesterol and fatty acids.

We supply moderate to highly concentrated liquid solutions, holding the formula Mn(NO3)2.

CAS Number
Manganese dinitrate
25L, 200L and bulk transfer
Chemical formula
Colourless to pale red liquid



• Used widely to correct mineral deficiency for crops

Animal Feed & Pet Food Chemicals

• Feed additives and animal nutrition


• Metal treatment

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We are leading manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of manganese nitrate solutions in bulk sizes to meet any requirement.

With our own state-of-the-art facilities, delivery fleet and over 50 years’ experience, we are perfectly placed to meet any requirement.

Please note: We are unable to sell chemicals to members of the public.


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