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Normal Propanol


Normal Propanol appears as a clear colourless liquid with an odour like rubbing alcohol

CAS Number
n-propanol, propan-1-ol, propyl alcohol, n-PrOH, 1-hydroxypropane, propionic alcohol
Chemical Formula



• As a solvent in coatings, printing inks, wood lacquers, and industrial finishes. It has good solvency power for many natural and synthetic resins and can thin many other organic compounds
• As a solvent in perfumes, cosmetics, nail care products, and aerosol sprays. It has a pleasant acetate odour and can dissolve fragrant substances
• As an intermediate in organic chemistry of pharmaceutical compounds. It can be used to synthesize other esters or compounds with biological activity
• As a fuel additive or alternative. It has a high octane number and is quite suitable for engine fuel usage. It can also reduce emissions and improve engine performance

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