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Potassium Chloride

Potassium chloride, also known as potassium salt, holds the formula KCl. A colourless crystalline solid with no odour, it is produced mainly for making fertiliser.


A metal halide salt, meaning a compound between a metal and a halogen, potassium chloride is an odourless compound composed of potassium and chlorine and dissolves readily in water.

It holds application across agrochemical, dairy, oil & gas, water treatment and more.

CAS Number
Potassium salt
25kg Bag
Chemical Formula



• Fertiliser manufacture: One of the most common uses of the compound.

Farm & Livestock

• Dairy applications

Oil & Gas

• Petroleum & natural gas - mixed with water as an aid in preparation.

Water Treatment

• Water softener

Food Additives

• Table salt substitute - to make it sodium free.

Healthcare Chemicals

• Medical: Treatment of hypokalaemia.


• Calibration of radiation monitoring equipment.

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We are an award-winning supplier and distributor of potassium chloride. It is available in 25kg bags with fast distribution across the UK.

Please note: We are unable to sell chemicals to members of the public.


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