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A mineral complex, micro-granular fertilizer which is sold as solid green granules and provides nutrition to a variety of plant species and is suitable across different soil types using a well-balanced combination of nutritive elements.

Manufactured by Serbian-based mineral fertilizer producers, Elixir Zorka, Superstart provides increased and higher quality crops, helping protect against effects of climate change and unstable market conditions.

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25kg bags



• Stimulates plant growth at the initial stages of development
• Encourages growth of the root system with high phosphorous and zinc content
• Improves utilisation of water deposits and nutrients in the soil
• Can be used to create greater resistance against drought
• Provides a stable yield in adverse conditions
• Accelerates sprouting, root formation and growth in crops
• Combats problems associated with crops that follow sugar beet and the effects of sugar beet syndrome
• Gives a better appearance in vegetation period

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