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Airedale Group supplies a diverse and extensive range of chemical solutions across Airedale Chemical, Alutech and Rigest.


Our range of acidulants include ingredients that provide a sharp taste for food and beverages, assisting in the setting of gels whilst acting as a preservative.


Our leading range of antifoaming agents includes technical and food-approved antifoam chemicals in a number of emulsions, ideal for many industrial processes and environments.

Blacking salts

UltraBlack blacking salts provide excellent coatings on a variety of substrates, producing a uniform black finish.


High-performance chemical agents and solutions for brightening and treating metal parts and surfaces. A key element of the anodising process.


The UltraDox range is excellent at removing smut from aluminium surfaces following the etching/brightening stage.


Our concise range of disinfectants are ideal in applications that require microorganism control.


UltraEtch products provide fine etch finishes for aluminium substrates whilst preventing scale formation on tanks and heating coils.

General chemicals

We manufacture and distribute a multitude of commodity chemicals for general and specific applications.

Mist suppressant

UltraMist has been developed to reduce sulphuric acid fumes during the anodising of aluminium.

Nickel electroplating

Our UltraMax range of products are designed specifically for the nickel electroplating process, providing brightening, wetting and levelling properties.


The nutritional ingredients supplied by Rigest are applicable across a wide range of foods, providing fundamental health and growth benefits.


The UltraPass range provides excellent passivation solutions across both functional and decorative applications.


We manufacture and supply a range of phosphates for applications across water treatment, cleaning, agriculture, food production and more.


We're an industry leader in phosphates manufacture. Our dedicated team produce a market-leading range of versatile phosphates, suitable for many applications across a number of industries.


We manufacture and distribute a variety of phosphonates for use in detergent manufacture, water treatment, paints and coatings, metal polishes, flame retardants, personal care, agriculture, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and more.


Our UltraCon range is designed to degrease and derust a variety of metal substrates ready for passivation.


Airpol polymers include a diverse mix of anionic, cationic and cationic cross link polymers covering both oil and water base formulations.


UltraAnotin provides single shot maintenance for the electrolytic colouring of anodised aluminium.

Pre-treatment cleaners

High-performance metal surface pre-treatment cleaning chemicals for substrates including aluminium and steel.


We are suppliers of high-quality food preservatives, specialising in providing bulk quantity speciality ingredients for some of the world’s largest food manufacturers.


UltraSeal provides excellent sealing of anodised aluminium.


Our concise range of solvents are ideal for use in applications that required microorganism control.


Our surfactants — including our Airsurf range, developed in house — are ideal for use in detergents, auto care and other cleaning solutions.


Whether used as an ingredient to sweeten food or drinks or as a sugar substitute, our range of sweeteners have a wide range of applications.

Textile auxiliaries

We have an illustrious history as industry leaders and suppliers of textile auxiliary chemicals, providing solutions for use in dyeing carpet yarn.

Textile dyes

Since 1973, we have provided textile dyestuff chemicals to businesses across the globe, developing an extensive range of products to cater for all  requirements.

Zinc electroplating

Explore our UltraZinc range of products for brightening and levelling in the zinc plating process.

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