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Airedale Chemical supplies and manufactures a variety of Phosphates, Phosphonates and Industrial Chemicals to leaders within the Agrochemical Markets.

Animal feed & petfood

The wellbeing of the modern-day pet is of fundamental importance for every owner. For this reason, certain ingredients are combined to achieve specific nutritional benchmarks for pet food and feeds. We provide a selection of ingredients for feed and pet food that provide animals fortified nutritional value and a high quality diet.


A diverse and constantly evolving market that has heralded significant developments to reflect changes in consumer lifestyle. Our beverage ingredients are developed in response to customer requirements for naturalness, variety and health, alongside consistency and taste.

Cleaning chemicals & detergents

Airedale Chemical manufactures and supplies a variety of Surfactants to a wide spectrum of brand and industry leaders within cleaning chemical production and detergent manufacturing sector.

Energy & waste management

Airedale Chemical manufactures and distributes a variety of chemicals designed for the Energy and Waste Management markets.

Farm & livestock

Airedale Chemical manufactures and distributes a variety of chemicals designed for the farm and livestock care market.


We source food ingredients that connect with the increasing demands for culinary diversity whether it be driven by heath, organic or convenience needs. We place a key emphasis on high nutritional value and improved flavour across all our food ingredients.


Increases in consumer savviness for healthy living, alongside ecological impacts have resulted in high demand for healthcare products. At Rigest we supply a variety of value added products which hold innovative characteristics for the healthcare industry.


Our industrial range of ingredients are used across an array of applications that include fertiliser production, industrial cleaning solutions, inks, leather production and treatment and metal surface treatment.

Oil & gas

Airedale Chemical manufactures and supplies a variety of chemicals to cater for the ever-changing needs of the Oil & Gas industry.


Sports Nutrition

Nutrition in sports continues to experience upward growth with general healthcare, performance, muscle-growth and exercise-recovery all core performance priorities. Sports performance products have likewise experienced high demand supplementing the ever expanding personal fitness market. Energy drinks and protein based foods a regular purchase for the modern day ‘gym-goer’.

Textile chemicals & dyes

Since our inception over 45 years ago Airedale Chemical has held core expertise in Dyestuffs, Textile Auxiliary chemicals and performance chemicals for the Textile Market.

Water treatment

Airedale Chemical manufactures and supplies a variety of chemicals specifically designed for the water treatment markets falling within our Industrial chemicals, Phosphates and Phosphonates product categories.

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