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£2 million investment to boost growth plans

We are pleased to announce we are implementing a series of investment projects totalling more than £2 million as part of our new ten-year growth plan and commitment to increasing the use of technology in the business.

A number of initiatives are planned including new plant installations and acquisitions with action already underway aimed at creating sustainable growth and smarter systems, while maintaining the core values which have led to our success over the last half century.

The investment will help push forward our growth strategy, with entry into new markets, new product specialisms and organic growth through process efficiencies.

Operations director, Daniel Fox, explains: “Over the coming months we’ll be revealing the individual projects which are helping to boost our strategy of continuous improvement. We’ll be able to deliver sustainable and organic growth through lean manufacturing projects and circular economy schemes which will generate significant commercial returns.”

We are also planning to expand through carefully selected acquisitions to enhance the product offering and develop distribution channels. A number of newly created roles and additions to our fleet of privately owned vehicles are also in the pipeline.

Chris Chadwick, Group CEO, adds: “As an independent, family-run business, we have the agility to move quickly which is essential in fast-moving industries like chemical manufacturing and has helped us react to changes and opportunities in the industry. Our plans are both ambitious and aggressive and we’ll be making a big splash in the sector over the short and long term.

“We have identified a number of acquisition opportunities and will be adding to the Airedale Group to ensure our growth, expansion and increased presence in the market. Our previous five-year plan concluded last year and we successfully conquered new markets and achieved product diversification and now we’re excited to embark on the next chapter of the company’s almost 50 year history. In the last decade, we have grown from Airedale Chemical into the Airedale Group which includes four business and a charitable foundation.”

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