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Food & Beverage

Following the acquisition of Rigest in 2015, 25 years of ingredient expertise was added to our offering.

Airedale Group’s BRCGS accredited Food & Beverage division provides essential, high-quality ingredients for drink and sustenance production to many of the world’s leading blue-chip companies. Airedale Food & Beverage source and supply only the finest ingredients from around the world, but our added-value offering is in the level of customer service we provide, with dedicated account management and efficient turnaround times.

Available products in this category

Acesulfame KAcetic Acid (Food Grade)AgaveAscorbic Acid
Ascorbic AcidAspartameCitric Acid (Food Grade)Colouring Foodstuffs
FructoseFumaric AcidGlucoseGlycerine (Food Grade)
Lactic AcidLecithinsMalic AcidNatural Colourants
Potassium SorbateSodium AscorbateSodium BenzoateSodium Bisulphite (Food Grade)
Sodium LactateSodium Metabisulphite (Food Grade)Sodium SaccharinSorbitol
SteviaSucraloseSynthetic ColourantsTartaric Acid
TaurineTri Potassium CitrateTri Sodium CitrateTri Sodium Phosphate
Trisodium Citrate (Food Grade)Vitamin B12Xanthan Gum

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