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Food & Beverage

Following the acquisition of Rigest in 2015, 25 years of ingredient expertise was added to our offering.

Airedale Group’s BRCGS accredited Food & Beverage division provides essential, high-quality ingredients for drink and sustenance production to many of the world’s leading blue-chip companies. Airedale Food & Beverage source and supply only the finest ingredients from around the world, but our added-value offering is in the level of customer service we provide, with dedicated account management and efficient turnaround times.

Available products in this category


Our range of acidulants include ingredients that provide a sharp taste for food and beverages, assisting in the setting of gels whilst acting as a preservative.

Acetic Acid (Food Grade)Ascorbic AcidCitric Acid (Food Grade)Fumaric Acid
Lactic AcidMalic AcidSodium AscorbateSodium Lactate
Tartaric AcidTrisodium Citrate (Food Grade)


Colourants are used to impart a stable, long-lasting colour on products across food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and personal care.

Colouring FoodstuffsNatural ColourantsSynthetic Colourants


The nutritional ingredients supplied by us are applicable across a wide range of foods, providing fundamental health and growth benefits.

AgaveAscorbic AcidFructoseGlucose
TaurineVitamin B12


We are suppliers of high-quality food preservatives, specialising in providing bulk quantity speciality ingredients for some of the world’s largest food manufacturers.

LecithinsPotassium SorbateSodium BenzoateSodium Bisulphite (Food Grade)
Sodium Metabisulphite (Food Grade)Tri Sodium Phosphate


Whether used as an ingredient to sweeten food or drinks or as a sugar substitute, our range of sweeteners have a wide range of applications.

Acesulfame KAspartameGlycerine (Food Grade)Sodium Saccharin
SorbitolSteviaSucraloseTri Potassium Citrate
Tri Sodium Citrate

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