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Hydrogen Peroxide

This versatile commodity chemical is as an oxidising agent, bleaching agent and antiseptic holding applications across water treatment, cleaning, textiles, oil and gas, and waste management.


  • A highly versatile and popular chemical across many industries  
  • Holds sustainability credentials due to it breaking down into water and oxygen 
  • A good alternative to chlorine-based products

We supply hydrogen peroxide as a solution in a range of dilutions, two of the most popular strengths being 35% and 50%. This is available in a range of bulk sizes to suit your requirements.

CAS number
3% to 50%
25L drum, 200L drum, 1000L container, bulk transfer
Chemical formula



• Horticulture: a weak hydrogen peroxide solution is used in watering solutions. Its spontaneous decomposition releases oxygen that enhances a plant’s root development and helps to treat root rot.

Farm & Livestock

• Veterinary practice: used for wound disinfection and as an emetic.

Cleaning Chemicals & Detergents

• Cleaning product manufacture: Used as a green replacement for chlorine-based products in the manufacture of mild bleach and laundry detergent household cleaning formulations.
• Sterilising and disinfecting: Used across a range of industrial settings as an antimicrobial.

Energy & Waste Management

• Recycling and waste: An oxidant used in recovering non-ferrous metals from electronic waste as well as de-inking in paper recycling processes.

Oil & Gas

• Oil and gas exploration: Used to oxidise rock matrix in preparation for micro-fossil analysis.
• Mining and metal processing: Used for removing organic impurities from ore.

Water Treatment

• Drinking water treatment: used to remove odours, organic materials and change the taste of water from wells and other drinking water sources.
• Wastewater treatment: a strong oxidiser, effective in controlling sulphide and organic-related odours in wastewater collection and treatment systems.
• BOD and COD removal from wastewater: hydrogen peroxide decomposes to oxygen and water, adding dissolved oxygen to the system.
• Pollutants removal: an oxidising agent with a number of applications in refinery wastewater systems.

Textile Chemicals & Dyes

• Paper manufacture and recycling: Used as a bleaching agent in the pulping process and for de-inking when recycling.
• Textile manufacturing: A cheap method of bleaching materials used in clothing production, like cotton.


• Personal care: wide applications as an oxidising and antimicrobial agent in products for teeth whitening, hair care and ear wax.
• LCD display and semiconductor manufacture: also used as an etchant for printed circuit boards.
• Food processing: a disinfectant for sterilising cardboard and plastic packaging materials intended for contact with food products.
• Chemical manufacture: Used in the synthesis of other major chemicals.

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We have been trading in this particular commodity chemical since 1997 and are the trusted hydrogen peroxide supplier for clients across the UK.

Please note: We are unable to sell chemicals to members of the public.


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