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Today, we are one of the leading UK multi-service chemical specialists with more than 100 employees, over 200 products in our portfolio and thousands of customers up and down the country and into Europe.

But our story began in 1973 when our founder, Brian Chadwick, began trading dyes to Yorkshire’s celebrated textile industry.

As the industry grew, so did Airedale Chemical, and the business swiftly increased with additional staff and expanded facilities.

In 1997, the company added hydrogen peroxide to its portfolio and its position as a chemical supplier was cemented.

Three years later and the chemical manufacturing offering was fortified with the installation of the first reactor.

A single distribution contract changed the course of Airedale Chemical forever, and it went on to become the UK’s largest phosphoric acid distributor and more than £1m was invested in facilities and fleet.

With the acquisition of ingredients company, Rigest, metal surface treatment specialist, Alutech, and chemical supplier McCann Chemicals, Airedale Chemical evolved into Airedale Group with five divisions – Functional, Innovation, Food and Beverage, Metal Surface Treatment, Life Science and Surfactants – each with a clear purpose to serve every corner of the chemical-consuming industry.

Our plans for expansion and diversification are ambitious and although we continue to grow, we also remain committed to delivering first-class customer service.