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Polyaluminium Chloride

Polyaluminium chloride (PAC) is commonly used in water treatment and the oil and gas industries.


PAC is a very effective chemical for the treatment of drinking water, process water, effluent and wastewater. It is also often applied in the oil and gas refining industry for oil-water separation.

  • Promotes flocculation and coagulation
  • Promotes clumping of contaminating fine particles, even at low temperatures
  • Removes trace organic compounds, heavy metals and colour

A pale yellowish acidic solution, our polyaluminium chloride is available in a range of sizes to meet your requirements, from 25L drums to bulk transfer.

CAS Number
PAC; polybasic aluminium chloride
25L, 200L, 1000L, bulk transfer
Chemical formula


Water Treatment

• Purification of drinking water, process water, industrial wastewater and sewage
• Filtration aid in swimming pool water treatment

Oil & Gas

• Separation in oil-water emulsions
• Treatment of wastewater from operations
• Drilling mud additive for improved stability and viscosity

Textile Chemicals & Dyes

• Sizing agent and retention aid in paper manufacture


• Refining of sugar, pharmaceuticals and glycerine
• Coal reclamation from coal-washing waste
• Production of cosmetics like deodorants and antiperspirants
• Concrete quality enhancer

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We are leading bulk suppliers and distributors of polyaluminium chloride. With over 50 years’ experience and our own distribution capabilities, we are perfectly placed to meet any requirement.

Please note: We are unable to sell chemicals to members of the public.