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Environmental, social, governance

At Airedale Group we’re conscious of the potential impact our company and the chemical industry can have on the environment and we’re constantly looking for ways to mitigate the effect our operations have on the environment and our communities.

  • We have already improved our on-site infrastructure with the installation of a 20-metre water bore hole eliminating the need for the use of drinking-quality water in operations, reducing our draw from the region’s water company and providing 68% of our water usage.
  • Solar panels have been fixed onto site buildings which generate 25% of power used on site.
  • As a business, we have been engaging with our neighbours and communities for many years, enjoying a close relationship with our local school, hosting them on site and supporting their in-class activities with science-related books and equipment. The Airedale Foundation, our charitable arm, has also contributed to projects with community groups including our local arts institution and community events centre and environmental projects with our neighbouring park.
  • We contribute to circular economy savings with the extraction of waste materials from products we sell to customers, turning it into re-usable products that are utilised by other industries which would otherwise be sent to landfill.

Our dedicated ESG team works in partnership with specialist environmental consultants on a continuous improvement plan to ensure we’re constantly minimising our carbon footprint, with every member of staff involved in the process to ensure our environmental ethos is supported throughout all departments.

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