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Metal Surface Treatment

Airedale Group’s Metal Surface Treatment division provides high-level sector expertise of metal surface treatment chemistry, providing specialty chemical solutions for brightening, galvanising, electroplating and anodising processes.

Following the acquisition of Alutech in 2020, now trading under the Airedale Group, we inherited a rich 30-year heritage of metal surface treatment chemicals within our portfolio. Products available include passivators, sealants, pickling solutions, blacking salts, brighteners, de-smut products, etchers, zinc electroplating solutions, mist suppressants and nickel electroplaters.

Available products in this category

Blacking Salts

UltraBlack blacking salts provide excellent coatings on a variety of substrates, producing a uniform black finish.


Nickel Electroplating

Our UltraMax range of products are designed specifically for the nickel electroplating process, providing brightening, wetting and levelling properties.

UltraMax 20 BrightenerUltraMax 30 LevellerUltraMax NSA 10 CarrierUltraMax WA Wetter


Our UltraCon range is designed to degrease and derust a variety of metal substrates ready for passivation.

UltraCon Pickle Aid

Specialist Aluminium Treatment Range

UltraClean SC-ALUltraDox ALUltraEtch EA 2000UltraEtch EA 2001
UltraLyte 170 FSUltraLyte 170 XLUltraLyte 41UltraMist ZM
UltraSeal HS100UltraZinc AZBSUltraZinc AZC

Surface Treatment Chemicals

High-performance solutions to those operating across the automotive, mechanical engineering, industrial and contract coating sectors.

eska®clear H 7eska®clear PS 17eska®corr 3200eska®corr 6240
eska®corr 8450eska®phor 7186-1eska®phor AB 6750eska®phor AB 820-2
eska®phor EM 307eska®phor EM 307eska®phor NB 2000eska®phor W 587
eska®phor W 622eska®phor W 633eska®phor W 634eska®phor W 669
eska®phor W 670eska®phor W 710eska®phor W 760eska®spumex F 40
eska®spumex F 41eska®spumex F 61 SIeska®spumex F 63 SIeska®spumex I 70
eska®spumex W 10eska®spumex W 21eska®spumex W 22eska®strip H 1565


For preventing and controlling the growth of harmful microorganisms.

eska®phor EM 307eska®phor EM 307


High standards of process cleaning and degreasing across lower temperature ranges.

eska®phor 7186-1

Coagulation Agent

To facilitate efficient removal of paint from waste water.

eska®clear H 7

Corrosion Protection

Long-lasting protection for metal parts after cleaning or processing.

eska®corr 3200eska®corr 6240eska®corr 8450


Effective foam control solutions across a range of settings.

eska®spumex F 40eska®spumex F 41eska®spumex F 61 SIeska®spumex F 63 SI
eska®spumex I 70eska®spumex W 10eska®spumex W 21eska®spumex W 22

Flocculation Agent

Works together with coagulants to help paint gather together for easier removal.

eska®clear PS 17

Paint Removers

For the removal of paint systems from all types of metal.

eska®strip H 1565

Surface Preparation

Metal degreasing and corrosion protection prior to painting.

eska®phor AB 6750eska®phor AB 820-2eska®phor NB 2000eska®phor W 587
eska®phor W 622eska®phor W 633eska®phor W 634eska®phor W 669
eska®phor W 670eska®phor W 710eska®phor W 760

Zinc Electroplating

Explore our UltraZinc range of products for brightening and levelling in the zinc plating process.

UltraZinc AZBSUltraZinc AZC

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