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Metal Surface Treatment

Airedale Group’s Metal Surface Treatment division provides high-level sector expertise of metal surface treatment chemistry, providing specialty chemical solutions for brightening, galvanising, electroplating and anodising processes.

Following the acquisition of Alutech in 2020, now trading under the Airedale Group, we inherited a rich 30-year heritage of metal surface treatment chemicals within our portfolio. Products available include passivators, sealants, pickling solutions, blacking salts, brighteners, de-smut products, etchers, zinc electroplating solutions, mist suppressants and nickel electroplaters.

Available products in this category

UltraBlackUltraClean SC-ALUltraCon Pickle AidUltraDox AL
UltraEtch EA 2000UltraEtch EA 2001UltraLyte 170 FSUltraLyte 170 XL
UltraLyte 41UltraMax 20 BrightenerUltraMax 30 LevellerUltraMax NSA 10 Carrier
UltraMax WA WetterUltraMist ZMUltraSeal HS100UltraZinc AZBS Brightener
UltraZinc AZC Carrier

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