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We manufacture and distribute a variety of phosphonates for use in detergent manufacture, water treatment, paints and coatings, metal polishes, flame retardants, personal care, agriculture, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and more.

We are leading UK manufacturers and suppliers of phosphonates for detergents, water treatment, paints, coatings, processed foods, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and more.

Phosphonates, also known as phosphonic acids, are a class of organic molecules that contain phosphorus bonded to oxygen and carbon atoms. They are particularly valued for their sequestering properties and ability to control scale and corrosion.

With our own manufacturing facilities and dedicated delivery fleet, we’re able to meet any need speedily and securely. For advice and to discuss your requirements with our team of product experts, get in touch today.

Available products in this category

Airquest ATMPAirquest C (NTA Replacement)Airquest HEDP 60Airquest PBTC
Tripotassium Phosphate (TKP)

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