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McCann Chemicals

Airedale Group acquired McCann Chemicals, along with Hunter Chemical and McCann Food and Health in 2023 to increase its product offering and complement its existing ranges across all divisions with organic and inorganic chemicals.

Unit 14,

Kirmington Business Centre,

North Lincolnshire,



DN39 6YP


T: 01652 241128

Available products in this category

2 Ethyl Hexanol2-Ethyl Hexyl AcetateAcesulfame KAcetone
Aluminium ChlorideAluminium SulphateAmmoniaAmmonium Bicarbonate
Ammonium chlorideAmmonium PersulphateAmmonium SulphateAscorbic Acid
Benzyl AlcoholButyl DiglycolButyl Diglycol AcetateButyl Glycol
Butyl Glycol AcetateCalcium AcetateCalcium AscorbateCalcium Bicarbonate
Calcium CarbonateCalcium ChlorideCalcium FormateCalcium hydroxide
Calcium SulphateCetyl AlcoholCetyl Steryl AlcoholCopper Sulphate
CyclohexaneCyclohexanolCyclohexanoneDenatured Ethanol B (100% to 96%)
Di Isobutyl KetoneDiethanolamine (Aqueous)Diethanolamine (Standard)Diethylene glycol
Dipotassium PhosphateDipropylene Glycol (DPG)Ethoxy propanolEthoxy Propyl Acetate (EPA)
Ethyl AcetateEthyl Amyl KetoneEthyl DiglycolEthyl Glycol
Ferric ChlorideFerric SulphateFormic AcidGlycolic Acid
Granular SaltHeptaneHexaneHexylene Glycol
Industrial Methylated Spirits (100% to 94%)Iso Butyl AcetateIso Propyl AcetateIsoOctyl Palmitate
Isopropanol (87.7% to 99.7%)Isopropyl MyristateIsopropyl palmitateLecithins
Lithium ChlorideMagnesium StearateMaleic AcidMethanol
Methoxy DipropanolMethoxy PropanolMethoxy Propyl AcetateMethyl Diglycol
Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)Methyl Ethyl KetoximeMethyl GlycolMethyl Isobutyl Carbinol (MIBC)
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK)Methylene ChlorideMono Calcium Phosphate (MCP)Mono Ethylene glycol
Mono Potassium PhosphateMono Propylene Glycol (USP & Industrial)Monoammonium PhosphateMonoethanolamine
n.Butanoln.Butyl Acetaten.Propyl AcetateNormal Propanol
Odourless KerosineOxalic AcidPDV SaltPolyethylene Glycol
Potassium bicarbonatePotassium CarbonatePotassium CitratePotassium Permanganate
Potassium PersulphatePotassium SilicatePotassium SulphatePropionic Acid
Propylene GlycolSodium AscorbateSodium BenzoateSodium Hypochlorite
Sodium SaccharinSorbitolStearic AcidSucralose
Tri Potassium CitrateTri Sodium CitrateTri Sodium PhosphateXanthan Gum