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Our four-acre site is ever-evolving as we continue to add to our facilities and modernise our on-site technology, embracing new solutions and innovations.

Our facilities include:

  • 4-acre headquarters
  • Nine warehouses totalling 78,000 sq ft
  • 41,000 sq ft of temperature controlled storage
  • 25 storage tanks ranging from 20,000 to 100,000 litres
  • 480 small pack units fulfilled each hour
  • 56,000 litres of reactor capacity
  • 154,500 litres of mixing vessel
  • 2,000 litres of sulphuric dilution produced each hour
  • 42,000 sq ft of hard standing storage
  • Small packing facility capacity of 480 units per hour
  • 20+ vehicles to ensure speedy and flexible delivery

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