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Nonionic Surfactants

Nonionic surfactants reduce the surface tension of water, improving the mixing of substances. They can be used in personal care and detergent products, particularly for low-foam formulations and for emulsifying oils.

Our leading Airsurf range of nonionic surfactants is manufactured in-house and can be supplied in quantities to suit any need.

Available products in this category

Airsurf 13/20Airsurf 23/6Airsurf 23/69Airsurf 24/7
Airsurf 24/7 90%Airsurf APG 0810HP 60%Airsurf APG 0810N 60%Airsurf APG CH-1214
Airsurf APG CH-225NAirsurf ES28 PreservedAirsurf ES28 UnpreservedAirsurf ES70

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