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Acetic Acid

Clear in colour with a strong and distinctive vinegar-like odour which can be corrosive in its concentrate form but is classified as a weak acid.


  • Produced naturally via bacterial fermentation
  • Can also be synthetically made by reacting methanol with carbon monoxide — known as carbonylation
  • Considered to be an eco-friendly antimicrobial
  • A biodegradable organic compound
CAS Number
Ethanoic acid
40%, 60%, 80% or glacial acetic acid at 100%
25L drum, 200L drum, 1000L container, bulk transfer
Chemical formula


Cleaning Chemicals & Detergents

As a detergent and de-scaler.

Oil & Gas

Used in the role of solvent in chemical reactions.


Features in many manufacturing process including the production of rubber, plastics, acetate fibres, pharmaceuticals, perfumes and photographic chemicals.

Food Additives

For pickling, as a preservative and as an ingredient of vinegar.

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