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Water Treatment

We manufacture and supply a variety of chemicals specifically designed for the water treatment markets, falling within our industrial chemicals, phosphates and phosphonates product categories.

Leading UK manufacturers & suppliers of water treatment chemistry: algaecides, antifoams, biocides, coagulants, corrosion inhibitors & disinfectants

Chemicals for this sector are primarily used as algaecides, antifoams, biocides, coagulants, corrosion inhibitors and disinfectants.

Core products available for the water treatment industry include polyaluminium chloride (PAC), airpol polymers and dispersants.

Available products in this category

Airophos 750 PWGAirpol AOE10 PolymerAirpol AOE30 PolymerAirpol AWE10 Polymer
Airpol COE35 PolymerAirpol COE65 PolymerAirpol COEX65 PolymerAirpol COEX85 Polymer
Airpol CW823 PolymerAirpol CWE35 PolymerAkasil® Antifoam SREAkasil® Antifoam TG 10
Akasil® Antifoam TG 20Akasil® Antifoam TG 30Aluminium ChlorohydrateFerric Chloride
Ferric SulphateHydrogen PeroxideMonosodium PhosphatePolyaluminium Chloride
Potassium ChlorideSodium BisulphiteSodium ChloriteSodium Gluconate