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Whether used as an ingredient to sweeten food or drinks or as a sugar substitute, our range of sweeteners have a wide range of applications.

We provide the distribution of bulk quantities of sweetener across the UK — speciality sweeteners, as well as non-caloric and high-intensity sweeteners help to meet the growing demand for low calorie food and drinks.

We supply a wide range of sweeteners including aspartame, sucralose and taurine to meet the formulation requirements of some of the world’s largest food manufacturers. Our sweetener portfolio allows us to cater to your exact sweetener requirements.

Available products in this category

Acesulfame KAcesulfame PotassiumAspartameGlycerine (Food Grade)
Sodium SaccharinSodium saccharinSorbitolStevia
SucraloseSucraloseTri Potassium CitrateTri Sodium Citrate

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