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Airedale Chemical golf day

As a thank you to our key stakeholders we recently held our annual Airedale Chemical Golf Day at Waterton Park Hotel. Staff were enthusiastic about the day with a shared love for golf.

The day was a big success with a round of golf in the sun and a sit-down meal to end off the night.

A loyal customer won the golf and received the Brian Chadwick Memorial Trophy. The trophy is awarded annually to the winner with their name engraved on the cup.

Our annual golf day fits in very well with our core values, in particular the value of relationships. We like to build longstanding and valued relationships both within the company and with our partners and key stakeholders. The trust we build allows for strong and healthy working relationships.

We hope to be able to keep running our golf day for many years to come, adding more names to the trophy, and growing the attendees of the event as our business grows each year.

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