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Airedale Group Enters CBA Responsible Care Programme


We’re delighted to have been granted membership of the Chemical Business Association’s Responsible Care programme.

After much hard work from our Regulatory department, we have been recognised with the chemical industry’s mark of commitment to continual improvement in health, safety, security and environmental performance.

Having completed the CBA’s self-assessment questionnaire, hosted officials from the CBA on site and devised a three-year continual improvement plan we can now proudly display the Responsible Care certificate in our North Yorkshire headquarters.

The award also involves annual reporting which contributes to industry-wide benchmarking of best practice.

Head of Regulatory, Andrew Ramsey, explains: “We’re lucky to have a dedicated, in-house team of health and safety, compliance and quality experts so were at an advantage when it came to demonstrating our commitment to responsible care in the workplace.

“However, membership of this programme will also help us map our performance against industry best practice to ensure continual improvement and allow us to share ideas on developing safe, secure and sustainable working environments.”


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