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Aluminium brighteners for all jobs

Aluminium brighteners: Which type of product do I need?

Whether you need a fully-bright surface for an on-trend cosmetic packaging component or a semi-bright finish for a smart shower enclosure, Alutech has two solutions that cover all its customers’ needs with different combinations of specialist ingredients.

With both products giving excellent performance, the decision over which to choose can be purely based on the aesthetics of the end product.

  • UltraLyte 170 XL is a fully-bright product which produces a mirror-like finish on aluminium prior to anodising with an effect which is comparable to chrome plated items.
  • UltraLyte 41 is a semi-bright product which produces a brightened finish similar to stainless steel.

Be aware that the quality of aluminium is also important when deciding which product to use as it is not possible to fully brighten certain specifications of aluminium. If in doubt, reach out to our experts for guidance.

We are the leading UK suppliers and distributors of aluminium surface treatment chemistry

Our range of aluminium brightening solutions suit a wide spectrum of applications, including catering equipment, lighting, worktop edging, automotive trims and parts, kitchen utensils, door/cabinet handles and many more.

We can provide solutions in 25l, 200l, 1000l or in bulk transfer via our fast and independently-owned delivery fleet.

So, whether it’s full or semi-bright that you’re looking for, Alutech can recommend and dispatch the right product for you, quickly and easily.

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