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Joining a powerful industry voice

We’re proud to have recently joined the Chemical Business Association – the organisation that  represents our industry including its manufacturers, traders, distributors, suppliers and logistics companies among many others.

There are many benefits we’re looking forward to as part of our membership which include access to advice and expertise on technical, commercial, legislative and environmental issues such as REACH, COMAH, trade controls, Brexit, security and legal questions.

Industry updates, briefings, workshops, training and networking events made available through the CBA will ensure our whole Airedale team will benefit from the most up-to-date and relevant news and information allowing us to serve our customers to the highest possible standards.

Also, as the CBA works closely with government departments, we will have excellent access to knowledge about what legislation is in the pipeline, when and how to prepare for it and be at the cutting edge of the ever-changing, highly-regulated chemical industry.

At Airedale Chemical, we have almost fifty years of experience and an extensive team of experts which we’ll be sharing with our peers at the CBA and will look forward to hearing the experiences of others in the chemical industry.

The CBA is a powerful voice, not only in the world of chemicals, but in UK industry and we’re proud and excited to be a part of the association and its journey.

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