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One group, five divisions

Airedale’s evolution continues as we re-organise the business under one united brand – Airedale Group.

This brings all our products and services together as one, with five divisions – Functional, Innovation, Food and Beverage, Metal Surface Treatment and Life Sciences – which will allow us to service our customers more efficiently and accommodate our ever-expanding portfolio of new products.

We also continue to provide small pack filling services and contract manufacturing.

Dan Marr, Airedale Group Commercial Director who has spearheaded the re-organisation, explains: “This has been the next logical move for the business as we continue to evolve and expand. It will help streamline our processes and make us a more efficient business which will benefit our customers.”

Over the coming weeks, the changes will become visible on our social media channels, our communications and on the website as we make the transition to Airedale Group.

Watch our story unfold in our latest video…

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