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Showcasing manufacturing to tomorrow’s talent

We have been pleased to support Bradford Manufacturing Week each year since it started five years ago, hosting students from across the region to showcase the rich variety of careers available in the manufacturing and STEM industries.

Being able to experience modern, working sites dispels the myth that manufacturing is repetitive and grimy.

As we have opened our doors to group site tours and individual work experience programmes, pupils have been able to see first-hand the innovation and automation that has made Airedale Chemical one of the UK’s most dynamic chemical manufacturers.

Taking part in schemes like Bradford Manufacturing Weeks is not only valuable experience for students but is also a great reminder to us that we work in an impressive business in a fast-paced and ever-changing industry.

Seeing your workplace through the eyes of a visitor, we are reminded to appreciate how rewarding and interesting our work environment is.

We hope that Bradford Manufacturing Weeks continues to stimulate interest in the young people of our region and inspires the aspiring engineering talent of the future to step into the wonderful world of manufacturing.

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