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We mean green

At Airedale Group, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability.

Since moving to Cross Hills, we have done many things to commit to a more sustainable way of working including the installation of solar panels, a bore hole, and the promotion of the cycle to work scheme. We have a responsibility to maintain some of our sustainability efforts under the ISO14001 management system, but we choose to put more in place ourselves.

Solar panels are a renewable energy source and have allowed us to draw less electricity from the national grid, as well as create more energy to put back into the grid. Solar panels can be a large investment, but the benefits of creating all our own energy puts less pressure on the national grid. Solar energy is future proof, the sun will always create energy and the panels will last for many years.

The 20 meter deep bore hole was drilled on site at the beginning of 2021, it is a sustainable water source. The bore hole is not an unpleasant site for neighbours as it is completely covered by a manhole. 70% of the water used on site is from our bore hole. We will not be able to reach 100% as it is a requirement to use fresh feed water for drinking, sanitary, hygiene and safety shower systems. This decreases the demand on the municipal water supply. The investment of the borehole is long-term maximising its usage for as long as possible.

Smaller sustainability projects may not seem as important to some, but we value all our sustainability efforts. Automatic lights activate when a staff member walks into a room and turn off moments after they have left. This automation allows us to save energy where it is not needed and helps the staff to remember one less thing at the end of the day. This is a simple sustainability effort and reduces the strain of pulling unused electricity from the national grid.

Recycling in the office and in the chemical works is another simple task we have added into our routines to send less waste to landfill. On a small-scale staff are encouraged to recycle their rubbish. IBCs are also recycled; at the end of their lifespan and taken away to be professionally recycled. Packaging and other appropriate waste is also recycled to maximise our use of packaging.

Using AdBlue in Airedales own fleet of vehicles reduces the nitrous oxide in diesel engine emissions. Reducing this into the air means that our fleet contribute less to air pollution. Another way in which we reduce emissions and congestion is through promoting the cycle to work scheme, which encourages staff to leave their cars at home and cycle. This is not only beneficial to the planet and local community but our minds and bodies too.

Even after all the sustainability projects at Airedale there is still more that we can do. In the next five years we plan to install electric car charging points into our car park for employees to use in existing cars whilst also encouraging staff upgrade to electric where possible. This will help the future of our business and support our values to go towards a greener future.

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