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The Vitalness of Vitamin B12


With the number of vegetarians now estimated to be around 375 million globally, it leaves a large portion of the population susceptible to a lack of vitamin B12 and the value of vitamin B worldwide consumer sales at around £3.6 billion.

It is a substance that occurs naturally, mainly in food of animal origin such as milk, eggs, meat and seafood but can be lacking in the elderly, infants and people on a plant-based diet.

As it plays such an important part of bodily functions including the brain, nervous system and red blood cells, it is increasingly being added to food and beverage, pharmaceutical, healthcare and personal care products as well as having applications in agriculture and animal feed.

Our vitamin B12 is a fully water-soluble red powder sold in one kilo units with fast delivery available throughout the UK and Europe.

For more information on the role of vitamin B12 in today’s ingredients market place, contact our sales team at, on 01535 637876 or visit our webpage here.

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